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i'll have lot of beggar in no time

need a bigger island of some ways to get another island (i dunno how actually XD)

btw i really love the beggar island astethic

Thank you for playing!

You can add some of the islands floating in the surroundings. To do so you will have to build a "tug ship". Once its done select the ship, click "Add island", select the island you want to add and then its location. The surrounding islands are updated each turn, hence don't hesitate to wait a few turns to get the island you need. To build a "tug ship" you will first need a "Shipyard".

Note that the island size is limited. That's what the 17/22 next to your island name at the bottom of the screen means: your island is currently of size 17 (number of hex.) and the maximum size is 22. You can increase the maximum (up to 32) in the research tree. Use your armies to loot research points.

In addition, for now, you can only add islands of size 1 or 3 hex. We will add later to the research tree a tech which will allow the player to add bigger islands.

Hope it can help! We plan to add a better tutorial, explaining all these things in details. But for now our priority is replacing all this "armies expedition" by an interactible world map, the tutorial will come later.

nice! it really help :)

i think i'll give it a try

Hi, would you release a PC Linux version as well ?

Hi Tchey, we don't have a Linux version planned for the moment, but we don't exclude it.

Alright, thanks. I tried the demo via WINE, and it seems to work fine. As it's Unity, it's "almost" as easy as pushing an Export to Linux button. Maybe you can try an unsupported Linux version to start with ?

The demo is quite barebone, but i like the feeling, very much like a turn based Driftland.


Glad you like it!

About an unsupported Linux version, we don't like the idea of releasing something we can't test ourself. At the present time, we still have plenty of things to do, but once the game is more advanced and stable on Windows, we'll try to test a Linux build. One of us is an experienced Linux user, that should work, but we can't promise it will.

looks really promising. do you mind if i reshare the trailer?

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Thank you! We will be pleased if you reshare our gameplay trailer.

for some reason i cant download the trailer and share it to my YT account

The trailer is available only on our Youtube channel. I don't know how you tried to download it, but I just tried using one of the youtube to MP4 converter I found on google and it worked. Try this way one more time, it should work. If it's not, tell us, we'll find another way.